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Snowcrash :: Technology Electronics Cyberspace Essays

Snowcrash The day was at long last here, the day to pick our books to peruse for the semester. Being Nick I hadnt even took a gander at the understanding rundown and that was the ideal opportunity to pick my novel. My companion in the class Maygan let me take a gander at the perusing list for a short second. I skimmed through the rundown searching for an intriguing book title and possibly a title that I could relate something in my life to. I picked the novel SnowCrash, by Neal Stephenson. SnowCrash, seemed like a great snowboarding novel or winter novel that would be amusing to peruse. Perhaps something about a snow portable accident. This book has no snow at all in it. . I was misguided. This book has a progressively idealistic look on our future, and the result of our current innovation. The book ends up having an ordinary dark horse versus the world subject, however the plot is captivating to such an extent this ought not prevent you of the quality. One of the most unmistakable highlights of cyberpunk is the innovative viewpoint. Customary sci-fi managed things that were conceivable, yet not likely. Cyberpunk bargains conceivable, the likely, however innovation that man as of now has. It is not necessarily the case that cyberpunks don't have there decent amount of remote human interface hookups, etc, however they are discussing innovation that if it somehow happened to be created, it would be inside the journalists life time or somewhere in the vicinity. The other distinction in the innovation that is depicted in cyberpunk is the way it is utilized. Pretty much every individual in the accounts approaches the innovation. All the more significantly, the innovation included regularly takes into account outrageous human between activity with it. The author will cause PCs and people to associate, and permit the PC to change the psyche, human social practices, and additionally society itself. Cyberpunk prospects make PCs become a piece of regular daily existence, however a vital component for endurance and flourishing. This angle is the fundamental plot in Gibson's epic. His primary character, Chase, needs to figure out how to invert the harm in a chip in his mind for him to do the sort of work he needed to do. Prior to cyberpunk, people had power over their innovation, and it was a different element, however now the qualification over how much an individual is human and the amount of them are machine isn't so clear.

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Marcus James Essays (1370 words) - Aiden, Punk Rock,

Marcus James Introduction I picked a sensational piece, it is a play follows a gathering of office laborers who grumble about their life at work while on a lunch break, the supervisor comes in and afterward they attempt to disclose to him their circumstances. The reason for this piece is to disclose to others a portion of the impacts of utilizing innovation in the working environment. I picked this class since I needed to introduce the examination in a re latable yet useful way. I figured a play would genuine ly handle the peruser's consideration, using vernacular. I was roused to compose this piece on account of the idea of the class and that it is so natural to peruse and follow a play about a particular subject. This piece would in all probability request to grown-ups who are as of now working in the working environment, or it can likewise speak to understudies in optional school who are planning to go out into the working scene. At long last, a piece like this wo uld in all likelihood be found in an online article or in an office roundabout. Along these lines it will contact the grown-up crowd or any other person who intends to work in an office domain later on. Word Count: 199 words Intelligent Office Woes Four laborers are in the break room talk about ing the issues they are having in the working environment identified with the innovation they utilize each day. Enter Bill, Stan, Josh and Tom into the lounge Stan: Aye Josh you finish dah venture ? Josh : No boi, my back rel hurtin' meh, I cyah work for the remainder of de day . Bill: Daiz cause each day so we slouching over de damn PCs , plunking down gazing at dem entire day go be rel terrible for us later on . Tom : Is genuine what he saying boi, observe how Stan needed to get glasses, I was perusing ah article about how watching de PC screen for such a long time ruins your vision . Bill: A h next chime that could happen is we get rel worried boi, observe how Josh sprout session 50 silver hair in de last couple months Josh: Yea boi I had strain to show myself how to utilize some new program and it was rel pressure Stan: And all these email and chime coming in is rel diverting, I was attempting to complete ah venture de oder day and I could scarcely think . Josh: A ll kinda 11 o'clock in the night and chime to o inno , das rel attack of my own time . Tom: My neck is straini ng me too boi, dey state de seat we sitting in expected to support dat however it not doing nuttin' . Bill: (chuckling) Dem seats as old as my nenen boi! Tom: We shouldn't be sittin ' as the day progressed; we ought to be gettin' 30 minutes of physical action a day Stan : Dis innovation is causing rel social issues too boi, no one talks any longer, is just texting. Josh: (messaging Bill on his PDA) How you all talking like yuh experience childhood in the shrubbery so? Bill: (after r eading the content) Boi Josh yuh believe yuh superior to we or somethin' ? Tom: A' yuh perceive how dey get Jerry de other day boi, he was doing some hackin ' on his PC attempting to t ief cash from the business . Stan: Steups! Innovation could make it rel simple to tief boi . Bill: I read how some examination demonstrated that presentation to de light from a PC could cause sorrow. Tom: Boi ah next article say how dat s ame introduction to light could make malignant growth o , we hadda inform the bossman concerning some of dese issues Mr Aiden, the supervisor strolls in and hinders Mr Aiden: (collapsing his arms) Firstly men of their word, I trust that all of you don't address customers like that, to climb the co-work ladde r you should talk expertly, besides what are a portion of these issues? The laborers fix up in their seats and go straightforwardly to Mr Aiden Bill: (faltering) Mr Aiden, s-sir

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Tikanga Maori Essay Example

Tikanga Maori Paper (Tikanga Whakaaro, Barlow, C 1996) In every one of these models, the word kaupapa is utilized to depict the kind of work or capacities to be done. Additionally, with regards to government offices, the word kaupapa applies to the setting of approach, for instance: Social government assistance strategy: the arrangement contains the standards and rules, identifying with the tasks of the division. Maori school approach: this identifies with the rules, rules, and conditions for setting up autonomous Maori schools at the essential level. Iwi progress authority strategy: since 1989 Maori clans and government authorities have been occupied with a procedure of deciding arrangement for iwi specialists which following the devolution of the Maori Affairs Department. The word kaupapa can be related with practically any association concerning its strategy and practices, especially corresponding to organization. (Tikanga Whakaaro, Barlow,C 1996) Te Toi Whakairo is the specialty of Maori cutting, and Tohunga Whakairo was the extraordinary carvers the ace skilled workers. An ace carver was exceptionally thought of. We will compose a custom paper test on Tikanga Maori explicitly for you for just $16.38 $13.9/page Request now We will compose a custom paper test on Tikanga Maori explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer We will compose a custom paper test on Tikanga Maori explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer The Maori accepted that the divine beings made and imparted through the ace carvers. Today, cutting is a significant Tikanga for Maori. Tapu and noa remain some portion of Maori culture today. Tapu goes to the core of Maori strict idea and despite the fact that a greater part of Maori are individuals from some Christian church or group the thought of tapu holds. It isn't generally a matter of picking one religion over another. Or maybe it has to do with incorporating various methods of reasoning and trying to accommodate evident logical inconsistencies. tapu is wherever in our reality. It is available in individuals, in places, in structures, in things, word, and in all tikanga. tapu is indistinguishable from mana, from our way of life as Maori and from our social practices. Maori regard tapu of spots and structures, for example, the tribal gathering house. They likewise regard the tapu of people including their own. These are beliefs and qualities that Maori have confidence in however it must be conceded that a large number of them no longer think about these qualities and regularly don't have the foggiest idea what to do. Be that as it may, tapu stays a significant piece of Maori activities and of their convictions. Maori ought not step over a dozing individual the explanation has to do with the tapu of the individual; one ought not disregard anything the leader of another, the head being the most tapu part of an individual. A structure is opened at day break since it is tapu until the second the manufacturers, carvers and decorators are discharged from the tapu of imaginative work and the structure is cleared prepared for open use. The entire of the tangihanga service can't be clarified except if the thought of tapu is unmistakably comprehended. tapu itself was the most remarkable, the most significant, and the most broad into Maori life. (http://www. history-nz. organization) Noa is frequently combined with tapu prosecuting that regularly noa alludes to reestablishing a parity. An elevated level of tapu is viewed as risky. Here the job of tikanga and of tohunga is decreasing the degree of endogenous tapu until it is noa or safe. It isn't valuable to consider noa being something contrary to tapu or as nonattendance of tapu. This is clearly not the situation. For instance an individual can be very tapu on the off chance that one is sick of there is draining and shedding of blood. Once these tapu-expanding manifestations have passed the individual comes back to a protected state, yet has individual tapu . the condition of noa shows that a parity has been reached, an emergency is finished, wellbeing is reestablished and life is typical once more. This implies connections are reestablished. This state matches with a condition of ea and noa. This state may keep going for a little while until steamed at some surprising occasion. (http://www. history-nz. organization) Tapu and noa remain some portion of Maori culture today, in spite of the fact that people today are not dependent upon the equivalent tapu as that of past occasions. Another house today, for instance, may have a noa service to evacuate the tapu, so as to make the home safe before the family moves in. These days, tapu totally are still in proof concerning disorder, passing, and entombment. Tapu is obvious in the Marae and in the Whare also. The first explanations behind some tapu are indistinct today, however different purposes behind tapu incorporated the protection of regular habitat. This supposedly benefitted the network all in all. (http://www. history-nz. organization) Taking everything into account, this report shows the qualities, convictions and morals that support conventional Maori society and make pertinence of writing about kaupapa Maori and tikanga Maori, examination pertinent philosophical and culture term of customary Maori society and culture. List of sources http://www. history-nz. organization New Zealand in History http://tikanga. maori. organization. nz The internet of Maori Organizations of New Zealand http://tikanga. maori. organization. nz/The principle Maori Site on the Net. Barlow,C(1996)Tikanga Whakaaro: Key ideas in Maori Culture, Oxford University Press, Auckland.

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An Am Essay Example For Students

Story of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An Am Essay erican Slave Douglass felt that Christianity was utilized by slaveholders to legitimize the brutality of their activities and to some way or another filter them against the evilness of their hearts. He felt that being the captive of a Christian slaveholder was as terrible as bondage itself. Were I to be again diminished to the chains of servitude, close to that oppression, I should respect being the captive of a strict ace the best disaster that could come upon me. (p. 731) Douglas brings up in his informative supplement that the Christianity of Christ and Christianity of this land are at inverse focuses on the range of good also, detestable. Fredrick Douglass develops from a slave kid to a liberated man all through Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass, an American Slave and he utilizes this progress and personality to give an outlet to which the peruser can distinguish. Douglass first creates this with the nonappearance of dates. Slaves were kept uninformed with respect to the realities of this present reality, at times not in any event, knowing the time of their introduction to the world, forestalling the information on a hostages genuine age. A birthday is something with which individuals can recognize, as they are a praised piece of our way of life, particularly to youth. Douglass here recognizes himself as a person practically deficient with regards to what we may consider a typical adolescence essentially using dates. These are imperative to our way of life, tallying during the time until your birthday, until Christmas. We distinguish ourselves by the dates which encompass the occasions of our lives. Some portion of our personality is framed from dates and this was a benefit he was denied. He is, in any case, inevitably gave a lucky opening in numerous to learn dates, yet increase a general vibe for information too. At the point when the open entryway of discovering that his fancy woman gave was for all time shut, he says, it was another and uncommon disclosure, clarifying dim and puzzling things, with which my young comprehension had battled, yet battled futile. I currently comprehended what had been to me a most confusing trouble indeed, the white keeps an eye on capacity to subjugate the dark man. It was a terrific accomplishment and I prized it profoundly. From that second I comprehended the pathway from subjection to opportunity (Douglass 78). Douglass was learning and he didnt need to surrender it. The peruser can perceive the amount he esteemed information and his ironclad will to keep that entryway open. In doing this, Douglass recognizes himself as a developing youngster, constrained somewhere around conditions outside his ability to control. He is developing, he is learning, he is developing, and like a little kid who poses a great many inquiries, he won't rest until his hunger for information is suppressed. As he acquires and more information, his yearning and interest develop, and as he is fulfilled in this angle, his want opportunity develops. This gets predominant in his activities; as one of his Masters, Captain Auld put it, city life had nearly demolished me for each great reason and fitted me for everything which was awful (Douglass 99). His experience made him develop as an individual and person. An old clich states that information is power; Douglass had taken in this direct and was developing into an individual with the mental fortitude to retaliate and inevitably guarantee his opportunity. All through the book, Douglass introduces himself as an individual, compelled to beat amazing obstructions to accomplish what a large number of us underestimate through the accounts he tells. He initially guarantees that the peruser can relate to him before delving into the natural subtleties of a specific story, along these lines guaranteeing whatever feeling he is attempting to bring out. It was additionally basic that Douglass exhibit his development as an individual with the goal that we would consider him to be only that, an individual, not some creature to be effectively excused. .u353d8a8d8d9e2c10d48af457742f602d , .u353d8a8d8d9e2c10d48af457742f602d .postImageUrl , .u353d8a8d8d9e2c10d48af457742f602d .focused content region { min-tallness: 80px; position: relative; } .u353d8a8d8d9e2c10d48af457742f602d , .u353d8a8d8d9e2c10d48af457742f602d:hover , .u353d8a8d8d9e2c10d48af457742f602d:visited , .u353d8a8d8d9e2c10d48af457742f602d:active { border:0!important; } .u353d8a8d8d9e2c10d48af457742f602d .clearfix:after { content: ; show: table; clear: both; } .u353d8a8d8d9e2c10d48af457742f602d { show: square; progress: foundation shading 250ms; webkit-change: foundation shading 250ms; width: 100%; haziness: 1; change: obscurity 250ms; webkit-change: mistiness 250ms; foundation shading: #95A5A6; } .u353d8a8d8d9e2c10d48af457742f602d:active , .u353d8a8d8d9e2c10d48af457742f602d:hover { darkness: 1; progress: murkiness 250ms; webkit-change: mistiness 250ms; foundation shading: #2C3E50; } .u353d8a8d8d9e2c10d48af457742f602d .focused content territory { width: 100%; position: relat ive; } .u353d8a8d8d9e2c10d48af457742f602d .ctaText { outskirt base: 0 strong #fff; shading: #2980B9; text dimension: 16px; textual style weight: intense; edge: 0; cushioning: 0; content beautification: underline; } .u353d8a8d8d9e2c10d48af457742f602d .postTitle { shading: #FFFFFF; text dimension: 16px; text style weight: 600; edge: 0; cushioning: 0; width: 100%; } .u353d8a8d8d9e2c10d48af457742f602d .ctaButton { foundation shading: #7F8C8D!important; shading: #2980B9; fringe: none; outskirt range: 3px; box-shadow: none; text dimension: 14px; textual style weight: striking; line-stature: 26px; moz-outskirt sweep: 3px; content adjust: focus; content embellishment: none; content shadow: none; width: 80px; min-tallness: 80px; foundation: url( arrow.png)no-rehash; position: supreme; right: 0; top: 0; } .u353d8a8d8d9e2c10d48af457742f602d:hover .ctaButton { foundation shading: #34495E!importan t; } .u353d8a8d8d9e2c10d48af457742f602d .focused content { show: table; stature: 80px; cushioning left: 18px; top: 0; } .u353d8a8d8d9e2c10d48af457742f602d-content { show: table-cell; edge: 0; cushioning: 0; cushioning right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-adjust: center; width: 100%; } .u353d8a8d8d9e2c10d48af457742f602d:after { content: ; show: square; clear: both; } READ: Web DuBois Argumentative EssayBecause Douglass was so expressive, and his personal history so elegantly composed, the uncertainty surfaced in the brain of some crowd individuals concerning whether he had composed the account or more to the outrageous, regardless of whether he had really been a slave. In this manner, his validity was raised doubt about. Douglass adequately .

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Consumerism and Environment Essays

Industrialism and Environment Essays Industrialism and Environment Paper Industrialism and Environment Paper Industrialism is a wonder that was constantly inalienable in the moderately thudded social orders, where individuals bought merchandise and devoured assets over the top to their requirements. In any case, there was a significant change after the Industrial Revolution, when the shortage of assets was survived and a gigantic assortment Of merchandise in boundless sums opened up to a wide scope of individuals. The Industrial Revolution and a few different elements made free enterprise ; another sort of economy that brought about a fast development of a working class in created nations. White collar class began to have cash not exclusively to cover their essential needs yet additionally more. In 1899 Thorniest Blend considered t the relaxation class Billions of individuals overall currently have a place with the buyer class. Things that at one point in time were viewed as extravagances TVs, cell phones, PCs, cooling are currently seen as necessities. We are basically basing our satisfaction around material belongings and requesting the best and greatest things (like houses, vehicles Money can purchase, and our ways of life are committed to the gathering of unimportant products. As we are continually presented to broad communications and mainstream society in our cutting edge society, commercialization has infiltrated into each angle f our lives, directing our own convictions, qualities and needs. As to and cons: On the one hand, we can express that rising utilization has helped address fundamental issues and make employments. There is no uncertainty whatever about t his: more utilization includes more creation, deals, occupations. Which are acceptable and positive viewpoints in an entrepreneur framework. Truth be told, a few people contend that industrialism can't erase or obliterate our general public, yet in addition it is something basic for the general public and it unequivocally benefits the economy. Then again, there is another view that builds up that the enormous and mutinously expanding purchaser request has been getting earth out of parity for a long time. We are confronting an issue of over-devouring that is subverting the regular frameworks that we as a whole rely upon, and making it significantly harder for the least fortunate or creating nations to meet their fundamental needs. . This pattern Of over expending and tossing out what we wear t need is having crushing/damaging consequences for the earth (the fatigue of Earth s assets, uncontrolled air, water and soil contamination and a risk to human rights; sweatshops with strange wages and ghastly working documentations with gigantic injury rates. These are the expenses of commercialization. There are numerous ways that i ndustrialism can influence nature. Commercialization can cause air and water contamination, land defilement, and timberland debasement. Utilization itself, in addition to the creation and misuse of items utilized in utilization is identified with contamination. Mechanical waste (particularly when just dumped into the streams and seas), squander from the traveler business (counting luxury ships, air travel, and so forth ), squander from modern agribusiness, and vehicle emanations are instances of air and water contaminations brought about by industrialism. Tobacco creation, for instance, can prompt soil debasement and land defilement. Plastic sacks are genuine case of how industrialism can influence our condition. Plastic packs impact our condition since when they are tossed out they can get washed into our conduits . At the point when they arrive at the waterways and seas, creatures can become involved with the plastic pack and choke. The purchasing and selling of energizes is additionally a significant issue in light of the fact that the machines it goes into transforms it into a noxious gas (carbon monoxide) which is overlooked into the universes climate. 3. So what is the arrangement? Would we be able to effectively change the consumerist society? Truly, we can and more than that we need to. What the counter consumerists propose is to possess less and to appreciate what you own more. Fundamentally, numerous things we purchase we dont need. As it goes in an unknown statement We purchase things we dont need to intrigue individuals we dont know. What's more, thusly, keen expending will at long last come to the heart of the matter of objective utilization of normal assets. So as to transform, we should dispose of a cast off mindset. Lessen, reuse, reuse is a straightforward enemy of consumerist mantra. Also, it accomplishes work, regardless of whether you imagine that only you will scarcely have any effect.

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Understanding Technology and Its Influence on Human Behavior

Understanding Technology and Its Influence on Human Behavior The proliferation of technology has made it an extremely influential part of human lives. Right from the time, we start our day all the way till we hit the sack. We utilize technology in every possible way to make our lives convenient.  With the digital social revolution that exploded in the early 2000s, technology has changed â€"the way we socialize the way we workthe way we communicatethe way we gather informationThis drastic change has brought us to an important question â€" Are we too reliant on technology to the point where technology has spoilt us, and are we able to exist without it? Read on for a full depth answer and decide for yourself.IMPACT OF TECHNOLOGY ON THE HUMAN MINDOne of the biggest inventions of human history was understanding how electromagnetism works. Nikola Tesla, the famous Serbian inventor, was an avid technological genius that discovered a way to pass electricity without the use of wires in the year 1894. This technology was way ahead of its time and unfort unately, the secret to wireless energy died with the prominent inventor himself but that didn’t stop others from trying to recreate his work. Although there wasn’t any success in achieving wireless energy the way Tesla would have wanted to. Today, we have quite the technologies that have changed the way the world experiences life. Here are a few of them. Internet â€" Undoubtedly the biggest technology in this list. The internet has improved the way people receive information and the way we communicate. The internet is a daily part of our lives and it’s impossible to think that we existed without this incredible piece of technology in the past. Remote Controls â€" A device that you point to interact with other gadgets such as a television, a music player, an automobile, etc. The technology brought great convenience and allowed us to simply change a channel or lock/unlock our cars with a tap of a button. Digital Cameras â€" Digital cameras have played an important role in record ing personal memories and capturing profound moments in full HD color. With new age smartphones and tablets, sharing images through a digital camera in seconds is now a reality. GPS â€" Imagine trying to find a location while looking at a paper map only to find out that you’ve been reading the map wrong all this time. In comes the GPS technology, making it easier to find our favorite shopping destinations and multiplexes in less than a second and at a tap of a finger. The U.S military originally developed this technology to be used in warfare. Smartphones â€" Life would be incredibly boring if all our phones were only used for a single purpose â€" to receive and make calls. If it wasn’t obvious already, the “smart” phone allows us to access our work data, act as a digital GPS device to find locations, surf the web, watch movies, listen to music, and much more in a tiny device that we carry in our pockets. In fact, the world is so reliant on technology that people don’t jus t adopt technology into their business but shape their business around the current technology. Let’s take an example â€" Jake wants to open a physical store and set up several artworks that he has created over the years to sell for a profit. If Jake were to calculate his expenses in opening a physical store, it would go something like thisRent1,200  $Electricity200  $Wages for 2-3 Employees2,000  $Other Monthly Expenses (Food, Repair, etc.)1,000  $Total4,400  $Jake needs about $4400 dollars to run a physical store to sell his art. Now if Jake were to adopt the current technology and open a digitalized store while putting up his paintings online without having to open a physical store. Here’s how much it would cost Jake.Website Hosting Platform 1 year150  $Domain Name 1 year15  $Other Expenses (Food, Digital Advertising, Internet Plan)400  $Total565  $An obvious choice, Jake would obviously opt for the digital store over a physical one as far as expenses are concerned. It also al lows him to gain an advantage in selling his artwork to a global audience compared to restricting his customers to a small vicinity in an area. Jake would also get more views for his artwork in a digital store without worrying about a crowd taking over his shop. In this way, technology has recreated the way businesses and startups are launched. With every passing year, new technology forces businesses to either adopt it or miss out on valuable profits in the long run. The next section will center around the negative aspect of technology and how it has affected creativity. Is Technology Evil?While technology has undoubtedly changed our lives to that of a convenient one. There are things that we’ve lost along the way while we search for newer technologies. Some of the negative points of technology are as follows â€"Lack of Physical Human Bonding Before the turn of the digital social revolution, people would hang out in parks and gardens and socialize in the good old-fashioned way by approaching each other and building relationships along the way. Technology has forced us back into a digital cave and enables us to forge these friendships in a virtual environment where there are no actual emotions felt and no physical touch and the complete lack of a bonding process. Children who grow up in a technological world are also forced into a digital world at an early age. This restricts the cognitive abilities that a child develops and thus, as the child begins to grow into an adult, their emotions and feelings are purely synthetic as compared to a kid that was born before the 1990’s. A study done by The Guardian in 2013 demonstrates how kids are addicted to smartphone apps and the most downloaded app was “Angry Birds” by kids whose age group was between 6 and 15 years. In yet another research study conducted by the European Commission, kids were introduced to smart devices at an extremely young age where they couldn’t tell if it was harmful to them or not. Ins tances such as cyber-bullying, digital predators, and hijacking privacy were some of the worst affecting scenarios that the kids of the digital age face today. Without a doubt, technology has a critical role to play in the negative side of how kids are being raised in a digital environment and how making a friend or two in a virtual environment has no emotional bonding behind it.Plagiarism False NewsPrior to the digital age, copying another artist’s work was considered impossible or relatively hard to accomplish due to the strong private nature of a non-digitalized world. Today, if an article is on the web, it can easily be converted into 20-different pseudo-articles in less than a minute thanks to various nefarious software. Leaked movies are spread around the web before the actual premier that costs producers and directors millions of dollars due to piracy. Even music isn’t spared, it’s not uncommon to find a famous tune being turned into another song without the knowledge of the original artist, thanks to the digital age.While the internet is a breeding medium for all the latest news and updates around the globe, there’s another emerging trend that has created havoc and chaos on the world wide web â€" Fake News. If you’ve recently read of an untimely demise of a popular actor and later, found out that he is alive and kicking, you’ve been a victim of fake news. Fake news also spreads misinformation on various drugs helping with weight loss and cancer and causes people to blindly buy into these medications without verifying. This demonstrates how technology can be a wild card and how false news threatens the lives of people by misleading them. Internet Scams HackersWith the internet age, a new wave of imposters has been unleashed on the world. If you aren’t careful you lose your life savings to a scam artist located in a remote corner of the globe and all this with a simple click of a button.How do they do it?Surely, you visit your bank’s of ficial site to log in to your net banking section to access important financial information and updates. Imagine if a remarkably similar site such as your bank’s website existed, and you were sent an official email asking for verification of your account. You’ll end up providing sensitive information and private data to these imposters and in less than 10 seconds, your funds are transferred to the imposter’s account. These funds are untraceable.Websites that are fake but look like an original website are known as phishing sites. These types of sites exist to collect user information and then steal from them.While technology has brought you and your bank closer, it has also left you vulnerable to internet threats such as phishing sites and hacking. That’s why we’ve created a to-do list to ensure you don’t fall prey to the dark side of technology.Checklist to Secure Yourself on The InternetAlways ensure your firewall is activated. Reject any program’s permission that see ks to disable your firewall. This is your first line of defense. Verify email addresses before opening your email, if you don’t know the sender, chances are it’s a hacker trying to get to your information. Use the “Spam” option to block future emails from this sender. A prefix at the start of your URL should always have “HTTPS” and not “HTTP”. The S stands for secure and it’s usually lit in a bright green color to notify the page is safe. Always upgrade your anti-virus to ensure your system is updated with the latest security files. An anti-virus is like a bodyguard to your private data. When using a wireless network, always provide an administrative password to deny hackers and invasive neighbors from using your home network. Never provide sensitive details such as login information and bank details to anonymous phone calls or emails. No company worth its salt ever needs this information through compromised sources. Keep a strong password of at least 9-15 letters long. Ensure the password isn’t just made up of numbers and alphabets and includes special characters and other random sequences that aren’t easily guessed by password generators. Finally, always update yourself with the latest information regarding internet technologies. The internet is a great place to be when safe-browsing is practiced. It’s also a nightmare when you let yourself be ignorant.How Technology Governs Human BehaviorToday, a valid number of people would take out their smartphones to record a crime-in-progress rather than calling emergency services. Many of the actions we do are centered around technology. We take out our phones when delicious food shows up on our table, we are more interested in taking a video of our favorite band at a concert and finally, our creativity is judged based on the technology we have in our homes. There is a term for this type of dependence â€" it’s called Techno Addiction. There is a fine line where we use technology to supplement our lives and where we are glued to technology for an unhealthy 16 hours a day. In fact, every one of us is familiar or know someone that is a techno addict. That high school friend who’s always texting during lunchtime rather than spending time with you. Maybe it’s the neighbor across the street who you haven’t seen for over a month and almost tried calling the emergency services only to discover they’ve buried themselves in front of their gaming screens. So how do you truly find out if you’ve been a victim of technology? Let’s find out with an evaluation.Do you feel anxious when you leave home without your phone even when there are no important calls to be expected?Is it important for you to sleep with your phone beside you?Do you feel unhappy when a recently uploaded photo of yours on a social media site doesn’t get the intended likes and attention?Are you distracted from your work to constantly check your phones for notifications and other alerts?Do you prefer usi ng video conferencing to stay in touch with your family instead of visiting them for the holidays?Have your family and friends ever complained about how disconnected you are with them because you’ve been spending time with your electronic devices?Have you ever been sleep deprived waiting for a message from your friend or loved one while using instant messengers?During the weekend, do you spend most of the time glued to a digital device? â€" Video games, online surfing, mobile phones, etc.Do you spend more time recording at a live concert over enjoying the spectacle?Do you share your pain with an online community rather than real life family and friends?If you’ve answered Yes to â€" None of the questions. Fabulous! You are a role model to today’s generation and a real adventurous person who can make do without technology for as long as he wants.1-3 questions. You’ve got some level of addiction but with regular intervention, you should be able to beat it.4-6 questions. There†™s a serious addiction here.   You’ll need to immediately sort your life out by seeking help from family and friends. Spend time outdoors without any digital devices. Including your phone.6-10 questions. Extremely dangerous. The only way out of this type of addiction is if you seek professional help. No amount of motivation can get you to switch off. Immediately dial the helpline number at and start your journey back to the real world today.5 WAYS TECHNOLOGY HIJACKS PEOPLE’S BEHAVIOR1. Introducing FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) Your favorite shopping site just announced a shopping bonanza. Plenty of gifts, prizes, and discounts are to be won. All for just visiting their site multiple times a day to check the different flash sales that are on. If you don’t find enough time to log on, you’ll miss out on a lot of exciting deals and prizes. This is how a typical advertising campaign usually sets itself out and gets a ton of customers to visit their page during differen t times of the day. In fact, your product wishlist is empty since your last purchase but you still decide to make the best use of the shopping festival. All because of one important factor â€" Fear of Missing Out. The modern shoppers feel that they need to be connected to every brand and newsletter to ensure they don’t miss out on a sweet deal. It’s great to save $25 from a juicer brand that costs $100 and it’s on sale for a limited time at $75. Great investment, right? Not exactly. People don’t understand this, but technology manipulates us to buy products that we don’t need or desire. You don’t really want to buy a pair of boots, but the online discount coupon is super tempting. You end up buying it rather than missing out an irresistible offer. We psychologically react to any tempting sale. That’s what FOMO does to us.We end up spending more money on products and this can bring down our monthly budget which means less savings for the year. Had we not seen the offer, we wouldn’t even know the item exists and we wouldn’t be buying it and would rather invest our money in wealth creation. It’s always better to live in the moment than to live thinking of the future. Don’t buy products for tomorrow buy it for the immediate present. If a winter coat helps keep you warm, then go ahead and shop for a winter coat during the winter months. Buying a winter coat during spring just because you save a whopping 30% on the total price is the not smart shopping but a complete waste of money. 2. Pretends to Give People Control on Their Buying OptionsWhen presented with the menu in a fine-dining restaurant, you have the freedom of choice to choose the food that you want to eat. And that’s exactly what technology makes us feel, that we are in control. We forget to realize that the choice is already made for us. How? By controlling the type of menu, the restaurant indirectly controls the type of food you can order. While it’s your choice to walk into an y cuisine you may seem fit, but the ultimate decision is with the hotel serving you. They decide what goes through their menu. Let’s say you search for lawyer services on Google. The search engine will pop up links to lawyers that have a high SEO rating with Google or are being advertised. So, are you getting the best lawyers in the world based on expertise? Quite frankly, No! You’re only being served the popular options from Google’s own search indexing menu. Similarly, when visiting a shopping site, you’ll be shown a variety of choices and garments on display. When we shop we think we have the freedom to choose the color of the dress, the type of dress, the fitting of the dress. Ultimately, the dress itself has been displayed on the shopping site because the website wants to show you exactly what they want you to see. In this way, we surrender our ability to make choices while we fool ourselves thinking we have the freedom of choice with technology on our side.3. Endless E ntertainment FeedSurely there can’t be anything wrong with video streaming sites such as Netflix and Hulu. They’ve only made it easier for us to watch the movies that we want at a cost-effective pricing. So why would we present something that’s completely positive in a negative light? We did say the topic was about “hijacking people’s behavior” and how it causes you to spend more time and money without a full stop to it. Let’s say you buy a year worth of Netflix entertainment, you’ll be greeted to create a selection of your favorite genres and to choose the movies and tv shows that you’ve already watched and would like similar recommendations. Well, every time you finish an episode or a movie, you’ll be greeted with a recommendation screen to move on to the next movie or episode. The average user will sign out and proceed with his daily life. But what if you’re a binge-watcher. A binge-watcher is someone who spends several hours of continuously watching enterta inment in a single stretch of time. We might be closer to our favorite tv shows and movies with a tap of a button thanks to technology but unfortunately, unlike our remote controls, there isn’t a stop button to stop us from enjoying endless entertainment. Binge-watching has the following cases of negative health effects related to it â€" 56% of users develop an antisocial behaviorWatchers usually tend to forget their real-life responsibilities and end up wasting valuable timeReal life relationships are affected due to less time spent in family bondingAn addictive behavior begins to manifest which can take months or even years to treatWatching videos without resting can cause you to experience â€" fatigue, gain weight, increase health issues such as stroke and heart attack, etc.Binge-watching has been a recent phenomenon due to the ease of accessibility of home entertainment. You can watch a movie while on a subway thanks to smartphones. You’ll never leave home without entertainm ent and that’s caused a negative phenomenon called binge-watching to spread.4. Inconvenient ChoicesEver been provided a free 14-day trial to try a service or product. From your perspective, it’s completely free. After all, what possible ulterior motive can be brewing behind providing people with a trial. While signing up for your trial, you’ll be asked for your information â€" personal and business. After which you’ll be asked to hook your credit card information on the basis that it won’t be charged until after the trial period has passed. With this, you’ve just provided the following information for a 14-day free trial Credit card accessibilityPersonal Information Product purchase history matched with other sites against your personal informationThey’ve now got everything they need to know about you and the brand will begin to send personalized ads your way. The telemarketers that call and waste 20 minutes of your daily life? Blame it on the information that you’ve just given to an unknown company that’s been giving you a free trial period.Technology has cleverly manipulated you into providing all your information without you realizing it. It’s only when you are spammed with ads when opening an app do you realize that something’s truly wrong. You realize every ad that you get from that point on is based around the products that you just bought from another website. How did they get so much access to your information? Well because you just happened to give it to them. Your emails won’t be spared either as you’ll be spammed until your inbox is full of advertising emails that you manually must block every individual sender. A very time-consuming process.5. Shortened Attention SpanDid you know technology has in adversely affected your attention span without you knowing about it?The number of book readers in America alone has declined to 43% in 2016 from 57% in 1982. With every technological revolution that we enter, our attention span i s declining to dangerous levels. In the future, we might not even hold a conversation with our family members for more than a minute before getting up to leave. The cause of this is the dangerous trend of technology and its offerings. According to Microsoft Corp., the average attention span of a human has been reduced from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. Which means a goldfish which has an attention span of 9 seconds has beaten a full-grown human being. The age of technology has let us access countless articles on the cyberspace that we prefer scanning them instead of reading and understanding the articles. Microsoft Corp. demonstrates that weaker attention span is linked to the evolving internet age along with the availability of devices such as tablets and mobile phones. To normalize your attention, it’s recommended to quit using electronic devices before bedtime. Follow the below 3 habits and you’ll be on your way to paying attention to everything in detail in no time. MusicAreas of the brain that were exposed to music were shown to share the same space with the attentive areas of the brain. This makes sense when you listen to a soundtrack and you attentively try to track the number of instruments that are being used in a song. You try to break down the bass, rhythm, drums, vocals, and other sounds. Take NotesWrite your notes down on pen and paper, don’t have the habit of typing your notes using Google Keep or other software on your devices. Writing down notes also allows you to fully explore the idea rather than typing it down on a computer screen where your attention span is lowered thanks to our minds using the scan-and-go approach.Ask questionsWe don’t mean Google all your questions but develop a conversation with someone and pay attention to them by listening to their answers. This way, your brain begins to analyze what’s being heard by the other person and you’ll have a better attention span when listening to words that are being heard rather tha n scanning through articles for your answers. CLOSING WORDSBeware! While technology is a great access point, it also allows others to access you. It’s a two-way tunnel connecting you to the world and connecting the world to you. Just as you can watch a movie that is available online, companies are able to view your information without entering your homes. Privacy is a concern due to technology’s grasp of everything that happens around the world. It’s always a good idea to think twice before you provide information to unknown sources or face the danger of becoming a victim.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

What Does the SAT Redesign Mean for Philadelphia-Area A+ Tutoring Students

The SAT completely changed in March 2016—The College Boardredesigned the SAT to more closely align with what students are learning in high school. At A+ Test Prep Tutoring, our education experts have created a new curriculum to prepare our students from the Main Line, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties for the new test. Below are some of the key changes students will see on the redesigned SAT. Scoring The "old" SAT was scored on a scale of 600–2400. The redesigned SAT is scored on a scale of 400–1600, with the reading and writing components being combined into a single â€Å"Evidenced-Based Reading and Writing† score. The "old" SAT awarded one point for a correct answer, and deducted a quarter of a point for an incorrect answer. In the new version, students are not penalized for guessing—since there will be is no deduction for an incorrect answer (similar to the ACT), no question should ever be left blank on the redesigned SAT. In another change, multiple choice questions now offer four choices, rather than five choices. Optional Essay The essay task on the revised SAT is optional, much like theACT Writing option, and has been entirely redesigned. Instead of students choosing a position on an issue and supporting it with evidence, the new writing task requires students to read, analyze, and write a response to a provided source text. And commensurate with the increased difficulty level of the writing task, the time allotted for the essay section has doubled, from 25 to 50 minutes. The way the essay is scored has changed significantly as well. Unlike the "old" SAT essay, there are three separate scores on the revised SAT essay (reading, analysis, and writing). And scores are reported separately from each other (rather than combined into a single score) and from the other scores on the test. In other words, essay scores are not a factor in a student’s combined 400-1600 scaled score, but are reported separately. Sections The redesigned SAT is divided into two major sections: (1) Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and (2) Math. The subsections of the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section are a reading test, and a writing and language test. There is also an optional Essay section. Time The new test must be completed in 3 hours, with an additional 50 minutes for the optional Essay. With breaks, the test takes about 4 hours and 10 minutes. Change in Emphasis The SAT is notorious for testing obscure vocabulary words, but the new test takes a step back from that method. On the redesigned test, there is a greater emphasis on testing relevant vocabulary in context and recognizing how words are used to shape meaning and tone. The Math section also looks different, focusing on areas that â€Å"research shows are used most often in a wide range of majors and careers.† Math problems emphasize word problems as well as the ability to analyze charts, graphs and other data representations. In addition, on one of the two math sections students are not allowed to use their calculators. What’s Next? Since all colleges now accept both the SAT and ACT, we recommend that students take a free practice SAT and a practice ACT so we can help them compare their scores on the two exams and determine which test is going to give them the best chance to shine. With all of the recent changes to the SAT, and the ever-changing college admissions landscape, it is worth investing the time in taking these practice tests before starting test prep. Related Articles: Why Students in the Class of 2017 Should Not Take the New SAT Exam